Varmebaronen Pellet Boilers

All Varmebaronen biomass heating products available in the UK are fully MCS accredited and qualify for renewable heat incentive payments.

Pellmax Pellet Boiler Range

Varmebaronen has sold tens of thousands of pellet boilers in Sweden over the years. Our broad range of products offers models to suit all requirements. One thing they all have in common is the enormous combustion chamber that is inspired by our efficient, low maintenance wood-fired boilers. This means that our boilers are highly efficient and require minimal maintenance.

  • Enormous combustion chamber
  • Highly efficient
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Pellmax CU

The Pellmax CU pellet boiler features a robust 100 L internal copper-lined hot water cylinder that provides plenty of hot water. The pellet boiler also features climate compensation feature.

Pellmax UB

The Pellmax UB biomass pellet boiler is a compact and sturdy pellet boiler that can supplement any waterborne heating system that has some form of water tank/accumulator tank.

Viking Bio Pellet Burner

Varmebaronen have developed the Viking Bio pellet burner to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Installation and servicing is quick and easy with all parts being readily accessible to access and replace.

  • Sweden's best selling pellet burner
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • Easy to install, service & maintain

Viking Bio 20

The original 20 kW pellet burner that feeds in small doses of pellets at short intervals to ensure a consistent flame and very high level of efficiency.

Viking Bio 35

35 kW output for large properties and houses with low/high output modes. Based on the same best-selling technology as the original Viking Bio 20 pellet burner.

Viking Bio 200

22 kW pellet burner is the newest addition to the best selling pellet burner range. LCD touchscreen display clearly shows information and gives acces to controls.

Pellet Fuel Hopper

A pellet hopper provides a ready supply of wood pellets for your pellet boiler and come in a variety of sizes; from small, manual fill indoor hoppers - through to large, multi-tonne waterproof external pellet hoppers that can be refueled without the need to be present when delivery is made.

  • Varieity of hopper sizes available
  • "Week" hopper through to annual multi-tonne hopper
  • Manual fill or schedule delivery direct to pellet hopper
  • Indoor & outdoor hoppers available

Pellet Hopper 200

A small, 200 litre manual-filled hopper providing enough pellet supply to last between 4-7 days. The pellet store that can be fitted into small spaces beside your Pellmax pellet boiler or Vedolux log boiler fitted with Viking Bio pellet burner.