Aqualux 500 UB

  • Aqualux 500 UB single heat source accumulator tank
  • Aqualux 500 UB: Combine multiple accumulators to suit your requirements
  • Height: 165.5cm + 2cm
  • Width: 76cm
  • Depth: 76cm
  • Total Volume: 500 L
  • Water Jacket Volume: 500 L
  • Weight (empty): 145 kg
  • Weight (full): 645 kg
  • Design Pressure (tank): 1.5 bar
  • Test Pressure (tank): 2.2 bar

The thermometers for the top, centre and bottom of the accumulator tank are co-located at convenient eye level so that you do not need to bend down to read them.

All sensor connections are easy to access; the service strip can be released with just one screw.