Aqualux 500 Teknik

  • Aqualux 500 Teknik multi heat source accumulator tank (images shows bivalent shunt pack - optional extra)
  • Aqualux 500 Teknik: Multi heat source accumulator tank with 160 L internal DHW tank
  • Click image above for larger view
  • Height: 160.5cm + 2cm
  • Width: 76cm
  • Depth: 76cm
  • Total Volume: 500 L
  • Water Jacket Volume: 340 L
  • DHW Volume: 160 L
  • DHW Flow Rate: 12 litres/min (fully charged tank)
  • Weight (empty): 220 kg
  • Weight (full): 720 kg
  • Design Pressure (tank): 1.5 bar
  • Design Pressure (water heater): 10 bar
  • Test Pressure (tank): 2.2 bar
  • Test Pressure (water heater): 13 bar
  • Solar Coil area/length: 2.5m2/10m2

In an accumulator tank, it is important for the water to be stratified. From the top of the tank, hot water is fed to the radiators in the house, where it is then cooled. The water is pumped back by means of a circulation pump and is supplied to the tank below the hot layer.

Stratification is important as it means that the radiators are able to maintain the same temperature throughout the tank's discharge cycle instead of the water being mixed and gradually getting colder. Stratification also makes it possible to heat hot water for the household.

Aqualux Teknik has extremely good stratification properties and therefore provides superior economy.

The thermometers for the top, centre and bottom of the accumulator tank are co-located at convenient eye level so that you do not need to bend down to read them.

All sensor connections are easy to access; the service strip can be released with just one screw.