About Varmebaronen

Varmebaronen factory in Sweden where our products are designed and manufactured

Varmebaronen have been heating Sweden for nearly 40 years. Now they´re heating the World.

Varmebaronen (meaning"Heating Barron") was founded by Berth Nilsson in the small village of Österslöv just north of Kristianstad, Sweden, during the oil crisis in 1975. 40 years later, Värmebaronen is a stable, family-run company offering a broad range of products with a solid reputation for quality.

Berth Nilsson posing beside a Vedolux 350 Lambda log boiler

”Not the biggest - but the best”

CEO Berth Nilsson is still running Värmebaronen in collaboration with his sons. The company’s philosophy is not to be the biggest in the market but to always strive to be the best. Sweden is still the company’s biggest market but exports are increasing year on year throughout the UK, Europe, North America and Japan.

In June 2009, Varmebaronen added solar thermal panels to its range of products by acquiring the manufacturing and sales rights for the K2 solar collector system by engineering firm Leif Karlsson AB, and at the same time appointed partner Fredrik Karlsson as new CEO.

All products are manufactured in Sweden

The first Varmebaronen boiler built by Berth Nilsson in the garage of his home in 1975.

Värmebaronen is a unique company in the energy industry, as all the products in its extensive range are designed and manufactured in its own factory in Sweden. This creates jobs and purchasing power in the region, whilst at the same time maintaining full control over production and thus ensuring quality.

In order to compete with cut-price products from the former Eastern Bloc and Asia, Värmebaronen has invested millions of Swedish kronor in state-of-the-art machinery. The latest acquisition is a pipe laser, which is the size of a small commuter train. This manufactures the burner pipes for the Viking Bio pellet burner.

The company’s positive development have been rewarded with awards such as Dagens Industri’s Gasell Prize, which is given to companies that demonstrate strong growth and profitability, the Design Plus Award at Mess Frankfurt and shortlisted for . Värmebaronen has also won awards for its efforts in developing and manufacturing eco-friendly products.

All Varmebaronen components are manufactured in-house with pride

Viking Bio pellet burner tubes are fabricated and inspected for quality

Pellmax pellet biomass boilers on display at Varmebaronen UB, Sweden

Vedolux Lambda displayed at Varmebaronen UB, Sweden

Training facilities HQ

A Vedolux 37 Log boiler with 2 accumulator tanks

Inside the Vedolux burn chamber

Varmebaronen have invested in modern manufacturing machinary

State of the art manufacturing keeps costs low

Boilers sitting on our production line