45 kW Vedolux 450
Lambda Log Boiler
RRP £5566 ex VAT | Sale £4,288 ex VAT
RRP £3,840 ex VAT | Sale price just £2,992 ex VAT
With 100 Litre internal copper-lined DHW water tank.
30kW log boiler, compatible with Viking Bio pellet burner.

Vedolux Log Boilers

Fan assisted log boilers (convertable to dual log/pellet) with or without hot water heaters, including the award winning Vedolux Lambda.

Pellmax Pellet Boilers

Highly efficient pellet boilers, requiring minimal maintenance - featuring enormous combustion chambers.

Viking Bio Pellet Burners

Sweden's No. 1 selling pellet burner lets you convert your log boiler into a pellet boiler, and can be retrofitted to many oil boilers.

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